Adventures in Storyland!

Bringing stories to life...

one page at a time!

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Adventures in Storyland's


​Strives to… ​

*support the love of reading

*strengthen listening, speaking and thinking skills

*explore a child's imagination though stories and literature based activities

*stimulate a child's curiosity about the world around them

*develop and enrich vocabulary

*create an atmosphere where a child can share their thoughts and feelings through song, movement and creative fun

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Experience the magic of your child being nurtured by reading!

Bringing stories to lifeone page at a time!

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What can you expect in a "Mommy and Me" 

Adventures in Storyland class?

A storytelling class for 2 years old to 4 year old toddlers features a story from a popular author of a series. The featured "Book of the Day" is the focal point of the 45 minute class. Children are invited to sing, move and participate in creative fun that stem from the "Book of the Day"!

 Storytelling classes are designed to support the development of growing readers.  Children will experience and participate in activities that support phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension, while having fun!