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Hello, Carmella Nocco here, writing to you from Brooklyn, New York! Have You Seen a Star in the Sea? is my first book. It has a little history of its own, having originated from an elementary education class I took at SUNY New Paltz. I decided to share this story, because as a school teacher, I witness the magic that happens when children are engaged in good stories. You can see their minds at work and their imaginations soar.

 I love seeing their smiling faces as laughter fills the room. These moments are the reasons why I’ve been teaching for 13 years and why I love it. As a teacher, effective questioning is an essential component of successful lesson planning. Good questions that make connections serve to deepen a child’s comprehension of a text. Therefore, I incorporated 3 levels of questioning throughout the story. Great discussions will lead to a memorable READING ADVENTURE!

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Have You Ever Seen a Star in the Sea?

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About Have You Ever Seen a Star in the Sea?- On a beautiful beach day, Alfred was busy building a magnificant sandcastle. His older brother, Daniel, asked Alfred to go snorkeling with him. Alfred wasn't interested and refused to go. Daniel needed to devise a clever plan to convince Alfred to go snorkeling. WIll Daniel's new plan persuade Alfred to go snorkeling with him?